War and Foreign Policy

Trump Says Kim Summit Could Still Happen on June 12: Bloomberg
Remember, Trump isn't just threatening and wheeling and dealing with the North Koreans, but he is also threatening and wheeling and dealing with the Zionists.

Trump calls off meeting with North Korea's Kim: Reuters
Trump's zio-handler John Bolton scuttled the talks to prevent peace in Korea and to destroy the Trump presidency.

Credit Moon, Not Trump or Kim, for the Breakthrough With North Korea: Politico
Moon is the anti-Bolton.

As summit looms, North Korean media return to angry tone: AP News

Doha to continue support for unity, stability in Somalia: Qatari emir: PressTV

Trump Rebuts Bolton, Says Libya Isnt a Model for Kim Talks: Bloomberg
He has to get that whack job Bolton out of there.

'Our country is not Libya or Iraq': N. Korea may reconsider Trump-Kim summit if guaranteed safety: Russia Today
North Korea doesn't want its Revered Supreme Commander hung or anally rapped with a dagger. Is that so unreasonable?

White House downplays Bolton comments after North Korea outcry: CNN
If John Bolton love Israel so much why doesn't he move to Gaza and be closer to it?

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit over drills: AP News
John Bolton has stated he wants the deal to mirror the one that was reached with Libya's Qaddafi. Remember what happened to Qaddafi? He was murdered with a dagger up the rectum with the American's providing air support to his murderers.

Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in protests as US embassy opens in Jerusalem as it happened: The Guardian

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Immigration and Demographics

Video of Alex Jones talking about Jewish power? : Twitter
Does this represent a turning point for Jones?

A CNN panel talked about the Israeli rabbi who compared black children to monkeys. It got weird.: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

These Jewish groups are fighting even physically, according to some behind the scenes: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The Zionist Organization of America is calling the ADL and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society "extremists" for wanting to flood America with Muslim immigrants.

Some U.S. House Republicans see progress on 'Dreamer' immigration deal: Reuters

Georgia gubernatorial candidate goes on campaign tour with his 'deportation bus': USA Today
Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams is his name.

White Woman Tied To A Tree And Gang Raped in South Africa: Onlinepoint

The New Color Line: American Suicide Is In The Cards: Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts starts naming the Jew.

Alex Michael Ramos Found Guilty In Charlottesville: Occidental Dissent
Even Puerto Rican whites are not allowed to defend themselves against blacks.

Central American migrant caravan camps at U.S. border, 11 arrested: Reuters

Perspectives on isotopic and ancient DNA research on migration by Hannes Schroeder: YouTube

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Elections and Politics

Lying Liar James Clapper Just Lied Again About His Previous Lies About NSA Spying: The Federalist
'I made a mistake. I didn't lie.'

Byron York: When did Trump-Russia probe begin? Investigators focus on mystery months: The Washington Examiner
The Russia hoax investigation is part of a Jew d'etat (Jewish coup d'etat) against Donald Trump.

End Robert Mueller's investigation: Michael Mukasey: USA Today
"If the administration cannot function, the burden of this constantly shifting investigation will give rise to a narrative that any failure was due to the Mueller diversion that the Trump administration was stabbed in the back. That is potentially more damaging to our politics than any salaciousness that might be tossed up by Robert Mueller." In other words, the goyim will know.

Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all: The Hill
The Mueller Inquisition is about to crash and burn.

Malaysias new 92-year-old prime minister is a proud anti-Semite: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Mahathir Malaysias leader again after ruling party booted: AP News
Dr. Mahathir has been one of the world's most prominent anti-Zionists over his 70-year political career.

Porn stars lawyer says Russian paid Trump attorney Cohen: AP News
Big Surprise! Trump's sleezy Jewish lawyer had sleezy transactions with other sleezy Jews.

Let's put this guy into a one-on-one match up with Zio-zombie Diane Feinstein.

Senate Candidate Who Praises Adolf Hitler Ejected From California GOP Convention: Huffington Post
It's nice to see HuffPo defending Senator Little!

Trump eyes Lewandowski for Kelly's job amid White House infighting: Fox News

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Other News

Drug Maker Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Paying Kickbacks: Department of Justice

The solar system has at least 8 giant, secret oceans where alien life may exist here's where and how big they are: Business Insider

Petition to the president & congress to remove the privately owned federal reserve as our central bank: Whitehouse.gov
This petitions needs 100,000 signatures by June 12, 2018 to get a response from the White House.

Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 Statistical Tables: U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics
This is being posted in response to a question about interracial rape in the United States. According to the latest data available (the Obama Administration repressed it), there were over 19,000 rapes, sexual assaults, or verbal threats of rape by black men reported to police be white women in 2008. In the same year, there were ten or less rapes, sexual assaults, or verbal threats of rape by white men reported to police be black women.

How Meghan Markles Jewish Ex-Husband Became The Guy Who Lost Future Royal Bride Read more: https://forward.com/schmooze/388553/how-meghan-markles-jewish-ex-husband-became-the-guy-who-lost-future-royal-b/: The Jewish Daily Forward

Gunman arrested after police shootout at Trump resort: AP News

Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN As Palestinian Envoy Starts Speaking: Townhall
Let's hope she is walking all the way back to Skankistan!

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Blessed by Rabbi Who Made Racist Remarks: Report: The Daily Beast

Dozens of Palestinians killed in US Jerusalem embassy protests: The Guardian

Does UAE seek to colonize Yemen's Socotra island?: PressTV

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News Summary

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Buenos Aires teacher caught defending Hitler and justifying anti-Semitism

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — A teacher in a Catholic high school in Buenos Aires repeated anti-Semitic stereotypes and said Hitler did “good things” in a lesson caught on camera.

History teacher Denise Yanet Evequoz told her students that Hitler was demonized when the United States entered World War II and seemed to justify why Europe was “always anti-Semitic.”

“Jews took advantage of the people who needed money, they loaned the money and then they chased them to get their money back, always with interest.  They had the money but they did not help Germany improve. They did not help the people to generate employment nor to create industries. This generated a certain hatred towards Jews,” Evequoz said in a lesson recorded in 2015, which was posted on social media this week.

Evequoz is a teacher at the Jesus Maestro high school in Castelar, a neighborhood in the western area of Greater Buenos Aires. The class was recorded by a student and the video since Monday has gone viral.

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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Guatemala moves Israel embassy to Jerusalem, 2 days after US

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, left, meets at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem with Benjamin Netanyahu on May 16, 2018, after the dedication of his country’s embassy in the city. (Mark Neiman/GPO)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Guatemala inaugurated its embassy in Jerusalem, the second country to move its main diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales attended the opening Wednesday morning of the embassy in the Technological Park of southern Jerusalem’s Malha neighborhood.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Morales and his delegation in Spanish with “Buenas Dias,” which means good day in Spanish, before switching to English.

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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Most Israelis supported their army in the 2014 Gaza conflict. Do they feel the same about this week?

Israeli security forces during demonstrations near the Hawara checkpoint, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, May 15, 2018. (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)

(JTA) — This week has been a tough one for Israel in terms of public relations.

Palestinians have been protesting for weeks on the Gaza border, but the situation heated up on Monday, when the Israeli military shot at protesters, killing at least 60 people and wounding 2,000.

The actions drew wide criticism from world leaders, human rights organization and some within the American Jewish community, though the U.S. blamed the escalation and deaths on Hamas. Israel said it was acting in self-defense and showed evidence that many of those killed were Hamas operatives.

But how does the Israeli public feel about the violence and their military’s response?

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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

A CNN panel talked about the Israeli rabbi who compared black children to monkeys. It got weird.

(JTA) — On CNN on Tuesday, Don Lemon asked an all-black panel to comment on how they felt about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner receiving a blessing from Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, during their visit to Israel to dedicate the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Yosef is under criminal investigation for making a bizarre analogy that compared a hypothetical black child born to white parents with a monkey born to human parents. He also repeatedly referred to blacks as “Kushim,” a pejorative term.

The CNN segment, however, devolved from monkeys into a weird discussion about manhood.

Lemon showed the panel a photo posted on Twitter on Sunday, a day ahead of the embassy festivities, by Jewish Insider reporter Jacob Kornbluh.

Learn more about KosChertified here in RamZ Paul's fun YouTube Video.

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