War and Foreign Policy

Syrian army clears barricades on Damascus-Aleppo highway - state media: From UK Reuters
It marks a major gain for President Bashar al-Assad, as reopening the M5 highway will restore the shortest route between Syria's two biggest cities for the first time in more than seven years of conflict.

Trump "Peace Plan" Too Extreme Even for Former Right-Wing Israeli Prime Minister: Stephen Zunes from Truthout
Olmert, once a stalwart of Israel's right-wing Likud Bloc and later prime minister under the only slightly more moderate Kadima Party, has traditionally been hostile to Palestinian national aspirations: He oversaw large-scale expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, attacks on Palestinian civilians and jailing of Palestinian dissidents. The fact that Olmert was criticizing Trump's plan from the left, therefore, is indicative of just how extreme U.S. policy has become.

West Point Prof Pens Blistering Takedown Of U.S. Military Academies: Kelley Beaucar Vlahos from TAC
Tim Bakken's The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris and Failure in the U.S. Militaryis set for release tomorrow, and it should land like a grenade. Unlike the myriad critiques of the military that wash over the institution from outside the Blob, this one is written by a professor with 20 years on the inside. He knows the instructors, the culture, the admissions process, the scandals, the cover-ups, and how its legendary "warrior-scholars" have performed after graduation and on the battlefield. Bakken's prognosis: the military as an institution has become so separate, so insulated, so authoritarian, that it can no longer perform effectively. In fact, it's worse: the very nature of this beast is that it has been able to grow exponentially in size and mission so that it now conducts destructive expeditionary wars overseas with little or no real cohesive strategy or oversight. Its huge budgets are a source of corporate grift, self-justification, and corruption. The military has become too big, yes, but as Bakkan puts it, it's failing in every way possible.

New York Times visits anti-Iran terrorist group's lair, observes cult-like modus operandi: From Press TV
The New York Times has been given access to inside a secretive facility housing anti-Iran Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorists in the Albanian capital, Tirana, noticing and recounting the cult-like nature of the group.

AIPAC is a Hate Group Says U.S. Congresswoman : From Electronic Intifada
McCollum denounced as "hate speech" the recent AIPAC Facebook ads that she said are "weaponizing anti-Semitism to incite followers by attacking me, my colleagues, and my work promoting human rights for Palestinian children detained in Israeli military prisons." Terming the organization a "hate group," she declared that "the struggle to advance human rights and promote human dignity inevitably results in confronting entrenched forces determined to dehumanize, debase and demonize individuals or entire populations to maintain dominance and an unjust status quo." (Betty McCollum, D-Minnesota)

Drone Operator Brandon Bryant: I Was a Murderer for the State : About Face: Veterans Against the War from Twitter
"All I was, was an assassin. That's it. I was just a f murderer for the state." Brandon Bryant, former US drone sensor operator

The Liberation of Aleppo: Kevork Almassian of Syriana Anslysis from Twitter
Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis: " Huge! The Syrian Army liberated the entire western suburbs of #Aleppo and hence secured #Syria's industrial city from NATO/Turkish backed terrorists who terrorized my beloved city since mid 2012. #Syria"

Pete Buttigieg Working in Cahoots With Israeli Lobby: Mark Dankof from PressTV

Trump & Erdogan Discuss Ending "Unacceptable" Syrian Offensive To Take Back Idlib: Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge

Biden and 'anti-war' Bernie must answer for authorizing Serbia bombings in violation of international law: Tiana Lowe from the Washington Examiner

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Immigration and Demographics

You know the Muslim invasion of Germany is catastrophic when even Jews are joining the right wing Alternative for Germany party: From Bare Naked Islam

Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and other House Democrats back: Fox News
Thank you, Tucker!

H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act: Congress.gov
Check out this list of the 44 Democrats in the House who already co-sponsor this foreign invasion!

H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act: Congress.gov
This is the text of the bill. Tucker did not exaggerate anything.


French Intellectual Sentenced to Two Months in Prison for Calling Mass Immigration an Invasion : Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News
Renaud Camus also drew an 1800 Euro fine.

Trump weighs travel ban expansion in coming days: Politico
Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania

Travel Ban Expansion Could Include Immigration Restrictions on 7 Additional Countries, Sources Say: KTLA Channel 5
Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania

VIDEO: Largest U.S. Immigrant Groups Over Time : Animated Stats from You Tube
A 5:30 glance at what the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 has done to American demographics.

Foreigners and Tourists Deliver 72K Anchor Babies a Year : John Binder from Breitbart

This is who is paying for your country to be invaded, goy!
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Elections and Politics

World Congress of Families Launches Major Pro-Family, Pro-Life News Network in 5 Languages: Brian S. Brown of International Family News from Russia Insider
The launch of our own news network, iFamNews.com is our response. Our goal is nothing less than to build the first truly global pro-family and pro-life news outlet. Just as we have united tens of thousands of leaders from around the world in our World Congress of Families events, we will create an online global pro-family community of readers who can trust us as a source.

George Galloway Poll: Who Should Be the Next James Bond? Dankof Votes: From Twitter
"Pete Buttigieg."

Jam4Julian (Assange): February 28th in Your City: Mark Dankof from Twitter

The Latest Feminist Idea Is 1984 Meets The Office: Joanna Williams from TAC
If researchers at Northeastern University have their way, one day soon we will go to work and have not only our words but our thoughts and feelings monitored and analyzed by a listening gadget just like the smart speaker in our kitchen. Associate professors Christoph Riedl and Brooke Foucault Welles are in receipt of a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to come up with just such a device. They will spend the next three years studying how teams interact with each other and with smart devices "using a combination of social science theories, machine learning, and audio-visual and physiological sensors." A key aim for their final product will be to ensure "the equal inclusion of all team members."

Bloomberg-Clinton: A Match Made in Hell: Sarah Abdallah from Twitter
Sarah Abdallah: This is scary... They both supported the invasion of #Iraq. They both want perpetual war on #Syria. They both count Henry Kissinger among their friends. They both maintain close ties to Saudi Arabia, the butcher of #Yemen. Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton: a match made in hell.

VIDEO::What Has Become of Ireland?: Gemma O'Doherty from Twitter
If every Irish person who voted for abortion had seen this video, if they had a shred of humanity or compassion, they couldn't have voted for it. 1,000 babies like this precious one are being murdered in our hospitals every month. What sort of a country has #Ireland become? Mark Dankof: The same sort of Godless place the United States has become.

Mark Dankof: Don't Forget to Vote 😂😂😂: From Twitter
PressTV: Mark Dankof: "Multinational Corporate Capitalism+War for Israel+Cultural Marxism+Russophobia +Disarming the Public=@PeteButtigieg @MikeBloomberg @HillaryClinton. With @realDonaldTrump and @VP you only get 2 out of 5=War 😂

The Suicidal Empire : Dimitry Orlov from Lew Rockwell


Bernie Sanders Leaps to First among Texas Democrats in Latest UT/TT Poll: From Tasnim News Agency

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Tulsi Gabbard surfing out of the sea foam.

When You're On Your Way Home After a Pride Weekend

: From A Sore Elephant
When You're On Your Way Home After A Pride Weekend.


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Finance and Economics

U.S. Budget Deficit Surpassed $1 Trillion in 2019, Largest Since 2012: From RT

All About Putin's $14 Billion Natural Gas Plant in Siberia, the 2nd Largest in the World : F. William Engdahl from Russia Insider via RBN

The Builders : Robert Gore from Straight Line Logic

White House intervenes in General Motors strike: Politico

Procter & Gamble writes down Gillette business but remains confident in its future: CNBC
This has to have something to do with Gillette's horrible anti-white MeToo ad.

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Double Obama's: Chuck Jones from Forbes

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Almost Double Obama's: Chuck Jones for Forbes

Facebook Wants Its Own Internet Currency: That Should Scare Us All: Rohan Grey from The Nation

A Bank With a $49 Trillion Exposure to Derivatives is Melting Down Before Our Eyes: From the Economic Collapse Blog

USMCA Faces Democratic Opposition in the House, Despite Hope for Ratification by Year End : Steve Byas from The New American

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Slattery and Dankof on NBR on RBN: February 6th: From RBN

Duke and Dankof on Rense Live v Jennifer Rubin, Buttigieg, and Seth Klarman's Shadow Israeli Software in the Iowa Democratic Caucus : From David Duke and Rense Radio

ACH #1181: Andy, Adrian, and Mark on the Coup Klutz Clan : From ACH
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Dr. Adrian Krieg, and Mark Dankof Ride Again.

Mark Weber Talks About Hitler's Place in History : Mark Weber of IHR from WVRadioman

Slattery and Dankof on NBR on January 31st: From RBN
A musical revelation of The Whistleblower and a discussion of The Deal of The Century.

Mark Dankof Interviews Texe Marrs in April 2007 for RBN Live : From RBN via Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
The UK EuroFolkRadio rebroadcast this show of over a dozen years ago as a tribute to the late Texe Marrs, who recently passed away.

Slattery and Dankof on NBR on RBN Live: News Summary, Lindbergh v FDR and the Iran War Party March to World War III: December 13th, 2019 : From Mark Dankof's America and RBN Live

Dankof on Syria, Hong Kong, Iran, and Mexico: National Bugle Radio on RBN: December 3rd, 2019 : From RBN

Generations #24: Andy, Adrian, and Mark on Schifty Schiff and Other Shenanigans : From "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. M. Raphael Johnson on #CensorshipIsHate : From EuroFolkRadio

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Other News

Russian TV Commemorates the Criminal Bombing of Dresden: No Military Motive - Just Murder, Terror and Politics (Video): From Russia Insider
Pastor Benke serves in the Lutheran Church of the Virgin, which was destroyed in 1945 and restored after the unification of Germany. Pocks of smoked bricks, preserved by frugal Germans, remind of the past. The son of an English pilot presented a new cross to the tower. The old one, mangled by fire, is inside. This valuable relic is an illustration of the Old Testament prophecy that the one who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind.

STILL No White Deaths from Coronavirus - Why Won't the Media Talk About This?: Lance Welton from Russia Insider

American Pravda: When Stalin Almost Conquered Europe : Ron Unz from Lew Rockwell

Historical Critique of Dispensationalism, Zionism, and Daniel's Prophecy of 70 Weeks: From Mark Dankof's America

Mark Dankof Reminds Bernie Sanders of The Kosher Slaughter and The Silent Scream: From Mark Dankof's America

Writer of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act Shares His Thoughts On The Coronavirus : Arjun Walia from Lew Rockwell
Dr. Francis Boyle has come across information suggesting that Chinese scientists may have stolen this virus out of a lab in Winnipeg, where Canada tests a lot of their biological warfare weapons. He believes the virus then leaked out of a lab in Wuhan (BSL-4), in the wake of reports of previous reports of leaks coming out of this specific lab. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.

Heather Heyer Autopsy Report: Commonwealth of Virginia
First of all, notice that she was 4'11" and 330 pounds.
Second, notice her levels of THC intoxication
She had a fracture to her right femur 17" above her heel. This indicates she was struck by the car as she was moving towards its passenger side. Videos of the accident show her lying next to Fields car on the sidewalk, meaning she was struct by the corner of the bumper.
But the cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma to the chest. The car did not strike her in the chest. But paramedics and bystanders performed aggressive CPR on her, apparently breaking her ribs. Read the article below.

"Medics Told Me State Police 'Forced' Them to Stop Working on Heather Heyer": Red Pill Pundit

Why did we never learn the name of the guy who hit Fields car with a flag pole. Notice that the crowd is not panicked at this point. Look at the guy in the denim vest standing just feet from the vehicle. It obviously wasn't moving very fast until it was struck by the flag pole.

Slow Burn Is Getting Back Into Politics With a David Duke Season: Vulture.com

Trump signs first stage of trade deal with China: CNN (aka Very Fake News)
CNN is a disreputable site that downloads all sorts of malware on to your computer. Nobody should ever click on this link.
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Learn more about KosChertified here in RamZ Paul's fun YouTube Video.